We are passionate and committed on providing and developing technological solutions  for the visual health of your family.  We really do believe that EyeSapp is part of the solution to meet the urgent need to prevent the myopia increase among our children who currently are  surrounded by innovative technology which is so useful but at the same time harmful if it is not used  properly.

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Dr. Agustín Arasanz Julià

CSO - CO-founder

Ophthalmologist with more than 30 years of experiences as an eye specialist. 

Agustín E. Arasanz Duque

CEO - CO-founder


Biologist and Economist. Entrepreneur with more than 15 years in the Biotech sector.


Mónica Alonso Riaño


Economist with more than 10 years of experiences as a Marketing manager.


Jan Domenech


Mobile Software Engineer, with more than 10 years'

experience developing softwares

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