Created to look after the visual health of smartphone and tablet users.

It keeps the safety distance during the whole session.

It controls the session time and the eyes rest period.

It allows to create a user profile for each member of your family


It monitors the data and evolution of the way your family use the device.

EyeSapp takes care of the visual health of your family


Why EyeSapp?


The Eyesapp idea came up during a family meeting  in which there were children playing with phones and tablets and parents and grant parents concerned about the children visual health.  One mother said  the typical phrase " take your eyes off the screen otherwise you will have to wear glasses"... The result is this app that we look forward to sharing with all the families to avoid the visual problems due to the misuse of the electronic devices, tablets and smartphones.


The myopia has no cure, therefore it is important to prevent its emergence and further development mostly on children between 5 and 18 years age.  Currently it exists several strategies for the development control but too few prevention tools.


When  myopia emergences at early ages increases the likelihood to suffer others severe eyes diseases such as retinal detachment in which the 70% of cases occur  in nearsighted people.  In fact, in Spain the 21% of the ONCE members has suffered myopia. 

How it works?

EyeSapp is a parental control app, it works in the background and controls the key variables that affect kids and teenegers while they are using screens devices: Distance and Exposure Time. Moreover, in EyeSapp it can be found useful information and recommendations about eyes exercises to reduce the visual stress related to visual issues.

It keeps the safety distance between the eyes and the screen. If the user crosses the limit, EyeSapp blocks the activity until the user returns to a safety distance.

>30 cm

It controls the session time and the rest periods. After 20 minutes, EyeSapp actives a rest period of 20 seconds. During this period EyeSapp suggests doing eyes exercises to mostein them and reduce the eyes strain. One of the suggested exercises is to focus objects at a distance of 20 feet (6m).

20 x 20 x 20

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